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When it comes to your children’s welfare, you want to give you the opportunity to provide them the best parenting and resources that you can provide.

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In order to get the best settlements in child custody, you need an excellent and passionate legal partner at your side. Get your sharp Pineland, FL child custody lawyer at Kao Law Firm P.A. today.

Kao Law Firm P.A.‘s lawyers are not just Florida family law enforcement and child custody experts. We are also compassionate and dedicated workers that understand the importance of the court orders that are handled. We want to be with you for the entire process of fighting for your child custody arrangements.

When you’re unsure how to best manage your child custody order, we are here to help make the necessary changes whenever you have any significant change in your life. We also aim to help you if you have any problems with your custody order whatsoever, such as a partner being uncooperative. Whatever you need, your top-notch Pineland child custody lawyer is here to help.

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Understanding Florida Child Custody Law

mother and child at homeChild custody is a legal order that ensures that there is a healthy living situation for a child to be placed in. The factors that play into how the order is settled involves who spends the most time taking care of the child, who is responsible for decisions in the child’s life, and who is responsible for ensuring education, health, and residence.

There are two main aspects of custody: parental responsibility and time-sharing. Parental responsibility is the right to decide on the child’s life and upbringing and time-sharing refers to the physical time that each parent is allowed to spend with the child.

There are two types of custody: sole custody and joint custody, also known as parental responsibility. Sole custody means that only one parent has parental responsibility and the privilege of time-sharing with the child. While joint custody has both parents involved, typically in separate houses. The typical arrangement for joint custody involves a joint primary custodian who will primarily raise the child and another parent who is allowed visitation rights.

Kao Law Firm P.A. is more than ready to provide you with any and all legal resources you need to take on your child custody case. We aim to award you the best settlement for your custody battle, and part of that is helping you grasp the necessary information you will need.

Determining Child Custody Responsibilities

father and child custodyThere are many factors to consider in deciding on child custody responsibilities, but your child’s interests are deserving of utmost consideration. Decisions should prioritize the well-being of the child over the capabilities of the parents.

The court must take into account the situation of the parent who is deemed incapable of parental responsibility. This can include the history of alcohol and substance abuse, domestic abuse, or previously being unable to provide for a child.

Your Pineland child custody lawyer from Kao Law Firm P.A. will diligently fight for the welfare of your children and family. We can represent you in court, help you gather the proper arguments or paperwork, and fight for the best-case scenario in your child custody case. Of course, we don’t guarantee a hundred percent success, but we guarantee our attorneys’ total commitment and passion for fighting for the welfare of families no matter what the case demands.

Child Custody Enforcement and Modifications

father's rights and paternity attorneyKao Law Firm P.A. is fully prepared to help you with any child custody cases. These custody orders are meant to last often until the child has reached legal adult age. During this time, it is likely for custodial parents to have modifications in their orders or certain actions they want to take.

Modifications are often allowed when sudden and unforeseen changes happen to the parents’ or children’s lives that significantly impact the custody order. These events may include accidents, addiction, a major change of residence, medical conditions, or any other circumstances that can heavily affect the ability to parent properly.

Moreover, your Pineland child custody lawyer from Kao Law Firm P.A. is also ready to help you enforce legal acts to fix any problems with your child custody order. If a parent is uncooperative or abusive, we can assist you in all the necessary documentation, argumentation, and representation that you need to win your case in court. Our dedicated and seasoned lawyers will do their best to yield the best results from your child custody enforcement and modification endeavors.

Let’s Talk – Free Child Custody Consultation

Pineland Child Custody Lawyer kao law logo 300x128Here at Kao Law Firm P.A., our top priority is the welfare of the families we work with. With our extensive experience in the field of family law in Florida, we are confident that we have what it takes to aid our clients with the best legal support and representation in the state. Trust us with your child custody case. Partner with a leading Pineland child custody lawyer today. We can start with a free consultation with one of our top attorneys. We can’t wait to work with you!

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