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Child support is a very touchy subject for many. Child support laws deal with any and all parental obligations to their children, regardless of the marriage status of the parents. The money acquired through the court order funds the growth and development of minors by making sure they have the money needed to succeed in life.


The laws surrounding child support do not deal lightly with repercussions. We at Kao Law Firm P.A. are dedicated to providing excellent legal aid to help you through any child support case. We are here to assist you get the best terms for your child support settlement. We are also ready to answer all of your questions, to help you understand all the vital information and laws you need to know.

Kao Law Firm P.A. has been a leading Copeland law firm for many years. Specializing in family law, we have been serving many families, catering to their legal needs and helping them achieve the best results. We are a team of compassionate, professional, seasoned lawyers who will be there for your every need. We understand the value of child support for all family members, so we aspire to bring only the best legal services our experts can provide.

At Kao Law Firm P.A. we aim to provide assistance in setting up your child support payments, especially if it’s your first time around. We can also help make changes to your existing child support obligations if necessary, as well as help ensure that your obligations fit your financial capacities properly. Need a first-rate Copeland, FL child support lawyer? Look no further than Kao Law Firm P.A., the best family law firm in the city.

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Child Support Calculation

military mother with childThe most crucial part of child support is figuring out how much money the parent must provide for the child. This will be determined based on how old the child is, the income of the parent, and take into account the willingness of the parent to provide for the child.

Other, more influential, factors of calculating the amount of child support due will include the needs of the children, their age, social and financial status, standards of living, school expenses, physical time spent with the child, and each parent’s financial capacity. Extraordinary circumstances, such as medical conditions, may also contribute greatly to the amount of child support that the court may require.

The most common arrangement for child support cases usually revolves around one parent who is mostly responsible for raising the child (custodial) and the other who will be mandated to provide child support (noncustodial). It is understood that the child support funds will need to be used to support the child as they live together. Some extraordinary cases involve a custodial parent who has a higher income than the noncustodial parent, or where the noncustodial parent has to provide for another family.

At Kao Law Firm P.A., we understand the importance of providing for children’s holistic needs, especially financial provision. We also understand how vital it is that the child support amount the court will order must be fair for all sides of the case as well as effective for the proper upbringing of the child. So if you need excellent and compassionate legal assistance for your child support case, Kao Law Firm P.A. is your best pick. We will make sure that you and your child get the best out of your child support order. We will ensure that all relevant factors are brought to the limelight of the case.

Child Support Enforcement

Copeland Child Support Lawyer Canva Golden Hammer and Gavel 300x165Kao Law Firm P.A.’s legal services revolving around child support can also extend to enforcing legal actions involving child support orders. Child support can be a tricky subject to maneuver around, but with Kao Law Firm P.A. we aim to provide all the resources you need to underststand your situation and play to your legal needs.

Sometimes there are extensions to child support, depending on the situation. Child support typically lasts till a diploma is received or the child turns 18, whatever happens latest. But some circumstances may obligate that the financial support must be provided beyond this time frame. One example of this is if the child has a medical condition that requires extended provision, even into adulthood.

Legal action can be enforced upon obligated parents who fail to provide the mandated child support in time or in terms of amount. If a parent is obligated to provide child support, they must supply the proper amount in time regardless of individual circumstances. Legal actions that can be enforced include liens against a house or business, wage garnishment, and even jail time. On the part of the receiving parent, there are ways to get resources if the other parent fails to provide the child support obligations.

You will find a passionate and skilled Copeland child support lawyer at Kao Law Firm P.A.. We are here to help you effectively enforce necessary legal actions, all for the well-being of your child and family.

Child Support Modification

father and childChild support orders are designed in order to give children and families alike the support they need until the child is old enough to support him or herself. It is common for the original child support order to be modified over time. So, for all your modification needs, go to Kao Law Firm P.A. for a dedicated and excellent Copeland child support lawyer.

The need for child support modification comes from different sources that usually involve a significant change in the life of the family members involved.

These events that call for child support modification may include added expenses from school, medical conditions that require funding, or a change in residence. Of course, the court will prioritize the well-being of the child. Any of these changes that have a drastic decrease or increase in expected expenses often mandate that the child support order must be modified.

These conditions are not only limited to changes in the child’s life, however. If the providing parent obtains either an increase or decrease in income, the order must be changed accordingly. Benefits such as promotions, job losses, business expansions, and bankruptcies are valid reasons to have a child support modification case.

Your Copeland child support lawyer from Kao Law Firm P.A. will help you get the best results in your child support modification case. We are here to thoroughly assess all the relevant information of your case and represent you with excellence and compassion.

Free Child Support Consultation

Copeland Child Support Lawyer kao law logo 300x128In dealing with child support orders, you don’t just need an excellent legal firm to back you up. You need people who value your situation and understand the importance of a child’s well-being stabilized through financial support. Here at Kao Law Firm P.A., we know that love and social support are vital but inadequate. Satisfactory monetary provision is necessary to provide all the other basic and additional needs of children, including their daily sustenance, education, leisure, and self-actualization. We are here to ensure that your child support order meets the financial support for these aspects of life.

Your best Copeland child support lawyer is ready to provide you with sharp yet compassionate legal aid for all your needs. If you’re about to begin a child support situation or if you need to have important modifications to your existing obligations, Kao Law Firm P.A. will be here for you throughout the whole process.

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