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Are you having trouble with an uncooperative parent involved in your child custody and child support orders? Perhaps you simply want the divorce settlement process to be smooth.

Family Lawyers

Family law cases are one of the most challenging and personally difficult legal situations that anyone can face. These family issues are not to be taken lightly. At Kao Law Firm P.A., we understand the struggles of these cases.

Kao Law Firm P.A. aims to provide you with the best Copeland, FL attorney you can get in the state. Our team of dedicated attorneys and legal workers are aggressive in their legal representation and care deeply about their clients. Family law is what we are best at, and we acknowledge the importance of getting the best results for our clients in these legal cases.

Are you interested in our services? Let us know as soon as you can. We are ready to help you get your life back on track through passionate and excellent legal assistance.

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Legal Assistance for Child-Related Cases

Fort Myers Custody AttorneysSome of the most serious and vital legal cases are the ones that involve children. Whether it’s about fighting for custody or trying to give them a better home, Kao Law Firm P.A. makes it a priority to handle your child case with the utmost compassion. We have successfully fought many cases for child rights and safety, we have what it takes to help your case prosper.

Child custody and child support cases are some of the most game-changing cases for the lives of children. They have a drastic impact on children’s lives and how their future will play out.

You need a top-notch family attorney who will instill you with confidence. Kao Law Firm P.A. can provide you exactly that. We can help in all the required legal processes and represent your case with the aggressiveness and compassion necessary to get you the best settlement. Much like the law, we prioritize the interests of you and your child first. We will pour the most effort and resources we can into your case to secure the best results possible.

Legal Assistance for Divorce and Alimony Cases

Family AttorneysDivorce cases take a lot of your funds and time. Issues can arise when it comes to divorces, such as the division of assets, spousal support, and child welfare.

Rest assured that Kao Law Firm P.A. will work diligently for your interests when it comes to your assets. Asset division and alimony are complex processes since not all assets can be cleanly divided to support both parties to the fullest. Spousal support is also a greatly challenging legal process due to its premise: paying a former partner to ensure their financial stability. However, your Copeland attorney from Kao Law Firm P.A. is fully prepared to fight for your case.

That does not mean your child will be left behind. Whether it’s child custody or child support, we aim to help you and your child have the best outcomes possible. Even in the face of uncooperative ex-partners, our family lawyers are dedicated to the effort of fighting for your children’s development and welfare.

Legal Assistance for Domestic Violence Cases

couple dealing with domestic abuse

Assault, battery, threats, or sexual abuse in the context of home-these situations are not to be taken lightly. Domestic violence is a criminal case that typically always ends in jail time and broken families. Kao Law Firm P.A.’s lawyers are dedicated to providing the best legal services to any violent cases that reach our office.

Some cases are vague and complex, such as those not involving any visible physical injury or a victim living in the same household as the abuser. Your Copeland family attorney from Kao Law Firm P.A. is committed to bringing domestic abusers to justice and protecting our clients from any further abuse. We work proficiently and efficiently, ensuring that necessary temporary or permanent injunctions are well placed during the entire legal process.

Let’s Talk – Free Family Law Advice

Copeland Family Law Attorney kao law logo 300x128Let us know what you need through our free and confidential family law consultation session with one of our top-notch Copeland family attorneys. We are ready to listen to your case and begin our journey as soon as possible. So what are you waiting for? Get the best family legal service you can today and get your life back on track in no time!

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