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Being separated can complicate the process of building a meaningful relationship with your children. If you are an unmarried father or not currently living with the mother of your child, you may face legal obstacles to forming the relationship you desire with your children.

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Florida law dictates that an unmarried mother has the rights and responsibility to take care of her child, that is until the father chooses or is ordered to take responsibility for the child by the court.

Either a father or a mother can start paternity proceedings. The father may request to take on support payments in order to gain rights to the child, such as access or time-sharing. The mother may proceed with trying to gather the support funds she needs to provide for her child or to better establish parentage for the child.

At Kao Law Firm P.A., the dedicated, motivated, and experienced Marco Island Father’s Rights attorneys guide you through the process of obtaining your rights as a father. We will help you understand all the steps that need to be taken to establish paternity, and help you understand your financial obligations to your child. On top of this, we also assist in developing a time-sharing plan that provides you with ample, equitable time to build a solid relationship with your minor children.

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Establishing Father’s Rights

In Marco Island, an unmarried father has no legal rights to his minor child until paternity has been legally acknowledged, even if he is named as the father on the legal birth certificate.

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For a father to establish a legal relationship with their child, several steps must be taken first. Before a father can begin to enjoy rights to the child such as time-sharing and access, he must first prove himself willing to take on the responsibilities associated with being a parent.

Paternity has to be established first before any legal action can be taken. This process can sometimes go uncontested, depending on if the mother agrees that he is the father, which often establishes parentage. However, any doubt will require him to take a paternity test in order to prove he is the father.

Paternity does not automatically grant your legal rights to your child, however. You have to prove your willingness to support the child via child support payments that are aimed to improve the child’s quality of life.

So from this point, you must seek to build a legally-protected relationship with your child by establishing a time-sharing and custody plan with your attorney for approval by the court system.

The Importance of Legally Protecting Your Relationship

A father may seek to have a relationship with their child at any time, without the court’s involvement, by communicating and working directly with the child’s mother through an informal agreement. This is a relatively common arrangement for unmarried parents who are still dating, living together, or otherwise in a relationship.

However, without having the legal support of the Florida court, the mother of the child can choose to deny access or communication with the child for any or no reason whatsoever. This means if the mother of your child wants to end the relationship, relocate, or otherwise deny you access to your child for any reason, they are completely within their rights to do so.

An experienced Marco Island Father’s Rights attorney, like the dedicated family lawyers at Kao Law Firm P.A., will advocate for and help to protect your right to a loving and supportive relationship with your minor child, regardless of your relationship with the mother.

Divorced Father’s Rights

Divorced fathers face many of the same issues of child custody and child support as unmarried fathers; however, they are assumed to be the biological father of the couple’s shared children, meaning that proving paternity is not a necessary step unless paternity is contested at this point.

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Having a father that is invested in building a relationship with their child can have substantial positive impacts on a child’s mental well-being and emotional growth, which supports success in other areas of their life, such as academics. Divorce raises a lot of questions for both parents and children. Being able to reassure your child that they will not lose their relationship with you can mean a lot to their sense of security during this complex period.

Kao Law Firm P.A. is here to provide competent and zealous legal support and representation throughout all matters related to your divorce. From asset distribution to developing a custody plan that meets your lifestyle, our goal is to ensure you are able to build the best life possible for you and your children post-divorce.

Contesting Established Paternity

Though heartbreaking, there are times when a father, who has generally accepted and treated a child as their own, finds that there may be a reason to question the biological paternity of their child. There may also be instances where a man has been named by a woman as the rightful father of her child, yet he has reasonable doubt to the veracity of that claim.

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Whether you are struggling to disprove or prove your role as a rightful biological father to a minor child, a Marco Island, FL father’s rights attorney can help you get the results you desire.

Denying paternity is a much less complicated process if you never assumed responsibility for the child in the first place, such as in the case of an unmarried father who was not with the mother at the time of the child’s birth. A simple court-ordered paternity test can end the dispute with almost 100% accuracy, determining once and for all if you are the rightful and biological father to the child.

A man who has previously acted as the father figure to a child, but now has reasons to doubt the child’s biological parentage, is in a much more complicated position. While the mother’s actions are in no way the fault of the child, it is the child that will be most impacted by renouncing your paternity. Florida courts are very reluctant to render a child fatherless, even if it is confirmed that the man acting as a parent figure to the child is not their biological father.

Our dedicated Marco Island paternity attorneys help you calmly navigate this incredibly complex issue. If you have discovered that child you have taken responsibility for is not biologically yours, or if you have been named as the father of a child that you have reason to believe is not yours, our talented attorneys guide you in making smart choices throughout the paternity process.

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Marco Island Father's Rights Attorney kao law logo 300x128Every child and every father deserves the opportunity to build a healthy and loving relationship. If you are ready to take financial responsibility for your child, want to begin the process of obtaining rights of access, or want to protect your existing relationship with your minor child, the Marco Island Father’s Rights attorneys at Kao Law Firm P.A. are dedicated and motivated to assisting you.

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