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Divorce can often have a heavy emotional toll on the parties involved, including children, friends, and parents alike.

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It is one of the most sensitive legal situations that people from all walks of life face. It can have drastic effects on the future when taking into account finances, lifestyle, and relationships, along with affecting the lives of any children involved.

Divorce cases are a deeply difficult and challenging legal situation to face. Getting a trusted Lehigh Acres, FL divorce attorney should be at the top of your priorities to make the process as painless as possible.

Our passionate and seasoned attorneys at Kao Law Firm P.A. are confident that we can bring you the best legal services you need for your divorce case.

Our lawyers help you with any and all negotiations, paperwork, and representing you and your case in the courtroom. For your divorce case, trust Kao Law Firm P.A..

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Securing Spousal Support

Alimony and spousal support attorney Fort MyersSpousal support, also known as alimony, is the process of providing monetary support to divorced spouses in order to ensure financial stability for all parties. This is a big deal with regard to the settlement.

The decisions that go into spousal support involve how many payments must be made, the time period those payments will take place across, and the rights of the receiver to acquire the alimony. Courts will often balance the needs of both parties as the goal is to sustain the prosperity of both parties without financially ruining one side.

Whether you are aiming to receive the most alimony support you can or if you are looking to pay as little as possible on spousal support, you can acquire a trusted Lehigh Acres divorce attorney from Kao Law Firm P.A.. Family law is our expertise and we guarantee a top-notch legal battle to deflect or secure an alimony court order. Our goals lie with you and your interests.

Child Custody & Child Support

mother and child at homeChildren becoming involved in a divorce situation is inevitable. At Kao Law Firm P.A., we provide legal assistance to not only parents but to any and all children involved. We will fight tooth and nail to handle your child custody and child support cases, making sure that your family can prosper in the future.

The goal of child custody is to make sure the child goes to the most appropriate party, and that the child has the necessary funds to make further life decisions. These court orders are also meant to ensure the safety of the resources of the child by requiring the monetary provision of one or both parties. Both types of cases are Kao Law Firm P.A.‘s line of expertise, and we are confident your case will be finished with the right justice given to all parties.

Your Lehigh Acres divorce attorneys from Kao Law Firm P.A. can provide our services to ensure you get the best results from your child custody and child support legal battles. We value the welfare of your children, especially as they transition through a particularly rough time. We can help you argue your case against an uncooperative spouse, get terms and settlements that benefit your children, and represent you with our utmost regards to the well being of your family.

Division of Assets

property and asset divisionA divorce settlement is complicated by determining who will receive which possessions, as there are objects that retain little market value but hold immense sentimental value. There are also assets that aren’t easily divided equally among parties, including real estate and vehicles.

Our divorce attorneys can aid in the process of dividing assets, with strong consideration given for your interests. Our attorneys are equipped to handle negotiations, as well as bargain with the opposing party to ensure that you get the resources that you deserve.

Kao Law Firm P.A. is also equipped to handle asset negotiations that involve large amounts of money. Be it a high-asset businessman, politician, military personnel, or celebrity, we aim to provide our legal services with utmost discreetness and professionalism. Trained to handle any valued assets you have, we are ready to provide you with the attention and consideration you require. Your Lehigh Acres attorney from Kao Law Firm P.A. will handle all of your high-valued assets with care and excellence.

Free Consultation on Florida Divorce Law

Lehigh Acres Divorce Attorney kao law logo 300x128Divorce is never easy and can be an emotionally taxing endeavor for many people. The complexity of divorce laws makes it too challenging to handle alone. Kao Law Firm P.A. is here to assist you with a thorough consultation that will allow us to get a full grasp on your situation so that we can provide you the best assistance possible. We aim to provide you with above and beyond legal support that will leave you satisfied with the results. Get yourself a compassionate and motivated Lehigh Acres divorce attorney today with Kao Law Firm P.A..

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